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    About Pole Position

    A unique shop in Zandvoort.

    Since 1997, Pole Position has been the go-to address for a special and original collector's item or gift. The cozy store in the center of Zandvoort has been a reliable address for many years with experienced and passionate employees. In addition to the new 'online' shop (with a small part of our range), the store in Zandvoort is open 7 days a week and you can reach us 7 days a week on our hotline 023-5737355.

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    Limited and museum items.

    Does someone else no longer have it? Are you looking for something unique or exclusive as a gift or for your own collection? Pole Position has a shop and warehouse full of (vintage) exclusive collector's items and memorabilia related to 'wheels'. Only a small part of the extensive range is available in our webshop. A visit to the store in Zandvoort is therefore recommended and definitely worth it.

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    Ask for the 'secret stock house'!

    Of course Pole Position has a beautiful and well-stocked store in the Kerkstraat. You will always find the latest models, clothing and collectibles here. But to guarantee a continuous stock, we have a large storage in a monumental warehouse close to our store. Not only is our stock displayed here, but also many large objects and numerous rarities related to cars and motorcycles. At your request, we give a personal tour of our cabinet of curiosities and are happy to tell you the history and stories behind the collectibles, which are often for sale. One goes wild with an original Indian motorcycle from 1911 and the other can no longer sleep with Arie Luyendijk's Indy 500 helmet (with which he once won the Indy 500). But if you have a thing for 'wheels' or even airplanes, it will appeal to you and hopefully surprise you. This space is not freely accessible. So would you like to take a look? Ask for the 'secret stock house'.

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    Why Zandvoort?

    Zandvoort is the motorsport capital of the Netherlands and is internationally known for its legendary F1 and car races and Pole Position sells everything that enhances or revives this feeling. Although motorsport only comprises a small part of the range, the DNA is the same. What we really want to say with this is that we can identify well with Zandvoort and the racing feeling that it still exudes. Pole Position would therefore not feel at home anywhere else. Moreover, Zandvoort is one of the most popular coastal towns in the Netherlands. But if you come to visit us, you will notice that our beautiful village has more to offer than just circuit, sea and beach. Make it a fun day and take a look at one of the many unique shops in the center or explore the historic fishing village and the surrounding nature. You can of course always extend your stay, there are many nice overnight accommodations (